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Training modules and Workshops

Training modules:

At IGNIS, we want to stack the odds in favor of our traders for them to become more profitable. Winning traders are happy and motivated traders. Motivated traders are structural traders. Besides offering favorable trading terms, we offer support to all levels of traders. We created trading modules for people to attend to help them sharpen their trading skills. Our trading workshops are modular.

    Intro Workshop for Beginners

    IGNIS offers introduction workshops for people who have never traded before and want to be educated about trading. The workshop aims to guide the beginners and introduce them with the terminology, the platform and the routine of a trader. This will create a realistic view of the life of a trader. These workshops are available for everyone and schedules will be announced on our social media platforms.

    Intermediate Trading Workshops

    The Intermediate Trading Workshops are for the ones who used to trade and want to get back on the horse, or for traders who started on their own and are searching for further guidance. IGNIS’ workshops go deeper than the basics. During the workshops, our Master Trader will dig deeper into the matter. There will be more working with our trading platform and tips on how to use metatrader 4 more efficiently. This workshop is available for traders with an IGNIS account.

    Advanced Trading Seminar

    The Advanced Trading Seminar is for experienced traders who are interested to delve deeper into specific trading. Our Master Trader will go in depth into trading with specific strategies and how to utilize different trading software. Not all seminars will be done by the same Master Trader. Different strategies will be explained during the seminars, namely: technical analysis-based trading and fundamentals-based trading.

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